Project Overview

Transforming a blank block of land into a tranquil, low maintenance oasis.



The block was quite small so we had to design something that would ‘fit’ the space. The problem that we found, was that as you viewed the garden you had to account for so many factors and how every element of the garden had to relate and complement each other.  There was simply nowhere to hide. We were challenged to try and make the space bigger than it was, account for blinding sun coming in late in the afternoons and ugly roofs on neighbour’s properties.

Another challenge was putting together the puzzle of what our client actually wanted. At first the idea was to create a cottage garden, this then changed to a formal garden which then changed to a native garden. In the end, Jamie had developed a trusting relationship with our client, he felt he knew what it actually was that she wanted and drew up a design which she loved.


Combining complimentary elements such as steel, wood and stone in the hard landscaping allowed me to calm the backyard down. Changing the colour of the fence from cream to grey made the back yard appear bigger and not nearly so glary. Also adding a number of bespoke screens in strategic positions, allowed for some cover from the surrounding neighbour’s dwellings.

The result is a truly stunning outdoor space that is stylish and beautiful while being low maintenance.

Award Winning Elements

  • Custom Gabion Bench and Screen
  • LED lighting system
  • Bespoke timber screen with shelves
  • Rear Entry Gate timber screens
  • Won 2017 Master Landscapers SA award of excellence for design in its category
  • Won 2017 Master Landscapers SA award of excellence for construction in its category

“The charming town garden that Jamie transformed from a small plot of dead lawn has become my pride and joy and best asset to my property. Jamie created a unique garden beyond my expectations.  Jamie’s team of knowledgeable and friendly gardeners advise and assist me to keep the garden looking its best. I am grateful to Jamie for creating my dream garden which gives me endless joy.”

– Anne