Project Overview

A major overhaul and enhancement of cottage gardens over co-joined properties in Aldgate.



Hills Classic Gardens has completed numerous projects for Georgina and Andrew on their co-joined properties. Some of these projects have been small and some quite significant. 

Georgina is a knowledgeable, experienced and competent gardener and it is wonderful working with her and she and l discuss these projects extensively to always get the best result possible. 

We have overhauled and modernised  the old irrigation system which can be now operated from Georgina’s phone wherever she is in the world. We have completed major earthworks, retaining walls and stone steps to link a neighbouring property they acquired in recent years, as well as a large lawn and play area for her grandchildren to play on. 

More recently the owners have added and extended their house and instead of a horrible concrete sleeper wall, the builder was proposing we constructed a beautiful Carey Gully stone wall which is lit up at night time, and it can be seen from inside their main living area. This structure is now one of the main features in her beautiful garden.


Georgina, Andrew and l are all very pleased with the outcome of all these projects as they have complemented and enhanced what was already an amazing hills Cottage Garden. This garden was featured with Open Gardens SA where it was viewed and enjoyed by the public while raising money for The Cancer Council. 

Our Favourite Elements

  • Mobile phone controlled irrigation system
  • Carey Gully Wall with lighting
  • Stone steps linking neighboring property

I am very happy to recommend Hills classic Gardens to family and friends. They have been the most enormous help to us over the last 8 years. That has included major earthworks and retaining walls, as well as ongoing garden maintenance. All of the staff are wonderful to work with, unfailingly cheerful and helpful. Jamie himself is an invaluable sounding board for me often steering me away from my unrealistic visions!

– Georgina