Project Overview

To maintain a technically challenging garden to a high standard all year round


Project Details

The picture-perfect setting is located well back from Strathalbyn Road, on a magnificent 3367sqm landscaped garden worthy of its inclusion in the Open Garden Scheme.

Striking a grand appearance, the terraced gardens have been cultivated to create a most picturesque setting with mature European trees, roses & boxed hedges, to name a few & providing ever-changing seasonal colour & giving the feeling of a country estate. In addition, there are raised vegetable gardens, fruit trees & abundant rainwater storage which services the gardens.

Besides being a large garden on a fairly sloping block that is physically challenging, the discerning owners have a very high standard and expect the garden to be presenting well every day of the year. This property operates as a high-end B&B of which the garden is a feature and compounds the importance of keeping the whole property looking its best, all of the time.

The gardens ebb and flow seasonally, typical of the gardens in the Adelaide Hills. This requires us to be prepared for the challenges of every season. The busiest time in the garden is winter with so many plants, shrubs, and trees needing pruning. There are a number of plants that require technical pruning and skill such as espaliered apples, wisteria, fruit trees, vines, and a multitude of different roses. We have a comprehensive fertilizing regime and need to specifically target many different plant types and requirements such as fertilizers specific for roses, fruit trees, acid-loving plants like camellias, natives, vegetables, and herbs in the productive garden.

Another problem we need to seasonally address is pest and diseases. Plants such as the Prunus get Cherry Slug, the roses battle aphids, and black spot, the espaliered apples are prone to Wooly Aphid and the wisteria gets some scale.

All of the above test our horticultural skills, knowledge and require us to be observant of the multitude of changes that happen at the property.


Won 2020 Master Landscapers SA Awards of Excellence Residential Landscape Maintenance

Featured in Open Garden SA

Award Winning Elements

“The challenging access elements of this landscape maintenance adds to the immense and diverse skills on show in this garden. The garden is healthy, well maintained and shows a standard of horticultural skills second to none.” – 2020 MLSA Judges